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Vashon Stawberry Festival Mix 2018

Had a lot of fun at the Vashon Strawberry Festival this year. From all the close friends and family that came out to support us, the crowd who was dancing from the ages of 6-60 in the middle of the night, or the people dancing on roller skates; it wasn't the biggest festival, but the experience I will remember fondly.

KINGSLEY Frequency Strawberry Festival Mix 2018
KINGSLEY Frequency Strawberry Festival Mix 2018

This is the mix recorded when I was headlining for the Vashon Strawberry Festival 2018. This mix follows a euphoric and eclectic path with a variety of genres from downtempo to upbeat dance music. You will here songs and sounds from artists like Rage Against The Machine, Adele, as well as music producers like San Holo, REZZ, and Kalya Scintilla.

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